On-site Support Service.

Client IT support is what we do best. As your in-house IT department, we're as close as your phone. We handle everything from software installation and maintenance to hardware acquisition, installation and maintenance. And, in order to provide our clients with the best IT-related services, we also offer a number of outside services, like web hosting, web design, offsite backup and web site SEO (Search engine optimization). Our job is to keep your IT resources running as smoothly as possible and we take our job very seriously.

Web Design, Hosting, Email

From web design and production to web hosting and email management, ManData makes the task of navigating Internet operations painless and trouble-free.


Some of our showcase web sites include:


American Home Improvements

Burnstines Distributing

Collins & Company

Collins & Company Distributing

Giraffe Photobooks

 Graphics Group, Inc. 


Michiana Alanon

Nicks Golf

Pheasant Ridge Properties


Managed Services

Managed services allow us to monitor and manage office systems like backup, antivirus / antimalware, and network / WiFi services.

Local and Offsite Backups

Recurring and automatic offsite backups are critical to restoring valuable data in the event of catastrophic data storage failure or ransomware attack.  ManData Storage Solutions makes restoration of damaged, deleted, or lost files possible.

Application Development

Off-the-shelf programs are becoming much more sophisticated as time goes on. However, sometimes an application must be created that targets a very specific set of functions and operations. Mandata has been developing custom database programs for decades and can help with your custom programming needs.


Some examples:

  • Custom data import to application

  • Database-driven web site

  • Job Maintenance & automatic reorder reminders

  • Time & Material / Invoicing

  • Warranty Database

  • Database driven mailmerge

Search Engine Optimization

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is an extremely important facet of web design. This technology aids in making it easier for your web site's audience to find you using search tools like Google. SEO also involves monitoring your site's performance and activity.


Networking is the foundation of any modern business. The physical wiring and wireless connections must be robust, fast, and secure. Internet connections are critical, and security is extremely important here, as well. Mandata installs and maintains physical networks in addition to providing the equipment and know-how to bring it all together into one fast and secure system.

From wall jacks to servers, we can keep your business on track.

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